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Tulsa   Rank: 65
12+ Population: 822,700
Ethnic Composition:  Black - 8.9%   Hispanic - 9%
Market Swept: 4x/year
KRMG-FM / KRMG-AMNews/TalkCox Media Group6.
KJSR-FMClassic RockCox Media Group6.
KWEN-FMCountryCox Media Group7.
KMOD-FMRockiHeartMedia, Inc.
KRAV-FMHot ACCox Media Group5.
KTGX-FMCountryiHeartMedia, Inc.
KTBT-FMCHRiHeartMedia, Inc.
KIZS-FMSpanish OldiesiHeartMedia, Inc.
KWEN-HD2RockCox Media Group7.
KTBZ-AMSportsiHeartMedia, Inc.
KTGX-HD2Classic RockiHeartMedia, Inc.
KAKC-AMSportsiHeartMedia, Inc.

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Nielsen Audio no longer releases audience estimates for stations that do not subscribe to their services. Therefore, the audience estimates on this website include ONLY those stations that pay Nielsen Audio for this data. This website may not include all the radio stations that serve each market.

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Other Stations Located in Market*
*This list only includes commercial stations.
KBEZ-FMClassic HitsThe E.W. Scripps Co.TULSAOK
KCFO-AMReligious TeachingStephens Media GroupTULSAOK
KETU-AMSpanish HitsLa Zeta 95.7, Inc.CATOOSAOK
KFAQ-AMTalkThe E.W. Scripps Co.TULSAOK
KGTO-AMUrban ACPerry Broadcasting Company, Inc.TULSAOK
KJMM-FMUrban ContemporaryPerry Broadcasting Company, Inc.BIXBYOK
KMUS-AMSpanish HitsRadio Las Americas LLCSPERRYOK
KMYZ-FMAlternative RockStephens Media GroupPRYOROK
KOSG-FMSouthern GospelSouth Central Oklahoma Christian Broadcasting, IncPAWHUSKAOK
KPGM-AMSportsKCD Enterprises, Inc.PAWHUSKAOK
KRXO-AMSportsTyler Broadcasting Corp.CLAREMOREOK
KTFR-FMSpanish CHRKey Plus Broadcasting, LLCCHELSEAOK
KTSO-FM80s HitsStephens Media GroupSAPULPAOK
KTUZ-AMRegional MexicanTyler Broadcasting Corp.CATOOSAOK
KVOO-FMCountryThe E.W. Scripps Co.TULSAOK
KXBL-FMClassic CountryThe E.W. Scripps Co.HENRYETTAOK
KXOJ-FMContemporary ChristianStephens Media GroupGLENPOOLOK
KXTD-AMRegional MexicanKey Plus Broadcasting, LLCWAGONEROK
KYAL-AMSportsStephens Media GroupSAPULPAOK
KYAL-FMSportsStephens Media GroupMUSKOGEEOK