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Seattle-Tacoma   Rank: 12
12+ Population: 3,863,400
Ethnic Composition:  Black - 6.6%   Hispanic - 9%
Market Swept: 13x/year
KQMV-FMCHRHubbard Broadcasting, Inc.,100
KZOK-FMClassic RockiHeartMedia, Inc.,800
KUOW-FM / KUOW-AM / KQOW-FMNews/TalkNorthwest Public Radio5.76.15.6388,400
KIRO-FMNews/TalkBonneville International4.84.94.6358,600
KSWD-FMSoft ACEntercom4.14.54.5719,200
KJAQ-FMAdult HitsiHeartMedia, Inc.,200
KRWM-FMAdult ContemporaryHubbard Broadcasting, Inc.,300
KJR-FMClassic HitsiHeartMedia, Inc.,700
KNUC-FMCountryHubbard Broadcasting, Inc.,700
KNDD-FMAlternative RockEntercom4.13.64.0547,900
KIRO-AM / KIRO-HD2SportsBonneville International4.33.43.4291,200
KING-FMClassicalClassic Radio, Inc.,700
KPLZ-FMAdult ContemporarySinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.,700
KBKS-FMCHRiHeartMedia, Inc.,900
KOMO-AM / KOMO-FMNewsSinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.,400
KHTP-FMRhythmic ACEntercom2.52.72.8523,000
KUBE-FMRhythmic-CHRiHeartMedia, Inc.,600
KNKX-FM / KPLI-FM / KVIX-FMJazzFRIENDS OF 88.5 FM2.62.52.5307,300
KCMS-FMContemporary ChristianCrista Media2.72.42.3295,300
KTTH-AMTalkBonneville International1.21.21.4139,600
KIXI-AMAdult StandardsHubbard Broadcasting, Inc.,300
KVI-AMTalkSinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.,400
KEXP-FMVarietyFriends of KEXP0.91.21.1120,600
KNHC-FMClub/EDM/TechnoSeattle Public Schools0.70.81.1143,000
KJR-AM / KJR-HD2SportsiHeartMedia, Inc.,800
KFNY-FMSmooth JazzBustos Media Corporation0.40.40.590,500
KCIS-AMReligious TeachingCrista Media0.50.40.416,900
KBCS-FMVarietyBellevue Community College0.20.20.238,300
KFNQ-AMSportsiHeartMedia, Inc.,000
KWPZ-FMContemporary ChristianCrista Media0.20.20.242,800
KVTI-FMClassicalClover Park Technical College0.40.40.125,700
KISW-FM StreamRockEntercom0.70.20.112,900
KHHO-AMTalkiHeartMedia, Inc.,300
KTDD-FMContemporary ChristianAloha Station Trust0.20.10.115,700
KRWM-HD2Adult ContemporaryHubbard Broadcasting, Inc.,900

* +Audience estimates are derived in part using Nielsen Audio's Persons 12+, Monday-Sunday, 6 am-12 Midnight estimates, under license. Copyright (c) 2019 Nielsen Audio. All rights reserved.
Nielsen Audio no longer releases audience estimates for stations that do not subscribe to their services. Therefore, the audience estimates on this website include ONLY those stations that pay Nielsen Audio for this data. This website may not include all the radio stations that serve each market.

Recent Changes
  • KFNY-FM flips to Reg'l Mex. in July
  • KFNYFM will change to KZTMFM in July


Other Stations Located in Market*
*This list only includes commercial stations.
KAFE-FMSoft ACSaga Communications, Inc.BELLINGHAMWA
KBRO-AMSpanish Contemporary ChristianIglesia Pentecostal Visperia Del FinBREMERTONWA
KDDS-FMRegional MexicanBustos Media CorporationELMAWA
KGNW-AMReligious TeachingSalem Media GroupBURIEN-SEATTLEWA
KGTK-AMBusiness NewsSecond Amendment FoundationOLYMPIAWA
KISM-FMClassic RockSaga Communications, Inc.BELLINGHAMWA
KITZ-AMBusiness NewsSecond Amendment FoundationSILVERDALEWA
KKDZ-AMEthnicNew Media Broadcasting, Inc.SEATTLEWA
KKMO-AMRegional MexicanSea-Mar Community Health CenterTACOMAWA
KKNW-AMNews/TalkHubbard Broadcasting, Inc.SEATTLEWA
KKOL-AMFormat Not AvailableSalem Media GroupSEATTLEWA
KKXA-AMClassic CountryAndrew & Craig SkotdalSNOHOMISHWA
KLAY-AMReligious TeachingSacred Heart Radio, Inc.LAKEWOODWA
KLDY-AMSpanish Contemporary ChristianIglesia Pentecostal Visperia Del FinLACEYWA
KMIA-AMRegional MexicanBustos Media CorporationAUBURN-FEDERAL WAYWA
KNTB-AMSpanish Contemporary ChristianIglesia Pentecostal Visperia Del FinLAKEWOODWA
KNTS-AMSpanish Contemporary ChristianSalem Media GroupSEATTLEWA
KRIZ-AMUrban GospelChristopher Bennett Broadcasting Co.RENTONWA
KRKO-AMClassic HitsAndrew & Craig SkotdalEVERETTWA
KRPA-AMAdult ContemporaryNew Age Media Ltd.OAK HARBORWA
KRXY-FMHot ACOlympia Broadcasters, Inc.SHELTONWA
KXPA-AMEthnicMulticultural Radio BroadcastingBELLEVUEWA
KXXO-FMAdult Contemporary3 Cities, Inc.OLYMPIAWA
KYIZ-AMUrban ACChristopher Bennett Broadcasting Co.RENTONWA
KZIZ-AMEthnicNew Media Broadcasting, Inc.PACIFICWA
KZNW-FMRegional MexicanBustos Media CorporationOAK HARBORWA